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Research: myResearch Portal – Dashboard View


3.0 - Updated on 01-24-2024 by Wendy Peck (wly2)

2.0 - Updated on 11-21-2023 by April Ripka (alb19)

1.0 - Authored on 07-19-2021 by Kathy Butler (kvb5743)

Article Intended For

All university faculty, staff, researchers with permission to use and/or access Penn State Research Information Systems.


MyResearch Portal Dashboard View presents an investigator's portfolio in a format that allows an "at-a-glance" summary, quick selection of particular lists, and adapts to various display sizes. When printing hard copies of various screens, clutter is reduced so the hard copies contain more usable information per page. This is the default view for all users who have not set a view preference.

Article Body

Screen Parts

MyResearch Portal Dashboard view is divided into:

  1. Banner - identifies the application (myResearch Portal), the User, and allows some actions that are external to myResearch Portal: Send a feedback email; display Help, and logout of WebAccess.
  2. Top Menu - allows the "Home" and "Refresh" actions, and contains drop-down menus for further actions
  3. Main Content - contains the most recently selected content selected from the Portfolio menu. When the Dashboard is first displayed, the Main Content area shows the "Announcements" section as above.
  4. Footer - identifies the current build, links to privacy and legal statements, and contact email.


The Banner, located at the top of the page, identifies the product (myResearch Portal) and the logged-in user, and allows some actions:

  • Feedback - starts an email in your default email system. The email is directed to the group responsible for myResearch Portal maintenance, and includes a subject of "myResearch Feedback from (logged-in user name)". The email body also contains the current website URL and an indication of your latest "content" selection, for example  "". Add whatever feedback or questions you wish, and send us a message.
  • Help - displays the myResearch Portal Frequently-asked Questions (FAQ) page, in a separate browser tab.
  • Logout - brings up the WebAccess Logout page, which in turn allows you to end your authenticated browser session, and log out of all WebAccess-protected websites you may be logged in to.

Top Menu

The Top Menu contains icons and dropdown menus.  If you are viewing MyResearch Portal on a narrow-width screen, the Top Menu is merged into the Banner. See Dashboard View: Top Menu.

Located at the far right of the wider-screen menu, the "Print" icon sends a printable version of the Main Content Area to a printer, and the "Refresh" icon causes the entire page to refresh: the counts in the Portfolio Menu are re-counted, and the Main Content area is refreshed with the tiles, as shown in the example above. The dropdown menus "Portfolio", "Generate Report", "Delegate Access", "Links", and "Views", are documented in the Dashboard View: Top Menu page. 

Main Content

The Main Content area contains the most-recently requested information. Information is requested by clicking a tile, a side menu category or sub-category, the Home or Refresh icons, or a Delegate Access menu choice.

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