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Cisco Jabber Softphone - Overview


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Article Intended For

Penn State faculty and staff.


Be more productive from anywhere on any device with Cisco Jabber. Cisco Jabber is a softphone application for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices (IOS/Android). 

We can provide up to three (3) licenses at no extra charge as part of your VoIP telephone service. Jabber is available for Penn State knowledge workers based on roles, faculty, staff, employees, and emeritus. A department can specifically request the service for additional roles, such as Members or Students, by submitting a request for a new VoIP line (University-provided phone number) for that individual.


!  MyE911 Application is Required for Jabber Users

This application software is not required on devices with cellular calling plans.

The Federal Communications Commission requires location tracking software to be used on softphones to enhance public safety. The MyE911 application will provide your physical location to emergency responders like our cellular network routes our locations to responders. Learn more about MyE911 here.

Benefits of Cisco Jabber

  • Use your University telephone number to make or receive audio and video calls on or off campus.
  • Chat with others logged into the system, individually or in group chats.
  • Enable true mobility for faculty and staff to make or receive calls using their University-provided telephone number and voicemail.
  • The application can be used on computers, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • Desktop telephone sets can be removed from office locations, eliminating monthly rental charges.
  • Provides seamless transition of calls between devices, i.e., shift an ongoing call from a desk phone to a Jabber app on a mobile device.

 Device Requirements for using Cisco Jabber 

  • You will need a Penn State telephone number issued through the University's VoIP telephone system.
  • Enable your office phone number and PSU Access ID for Cisco Jabber services by submitting a request for Cisco Jabber.
  • A headset (Wired or Bluetooth) is recommended for better call quality.
  • Using a webcam is optional.
  • You must also install and configure the MyE911 location tracking application if your device does not have a cellular calling plan. Learn more about MyE911 here.


Step-by-Step Instructions

How to Get Cisco Jabber

  1. Submit a request for Cisco Jabber.
  2. Download and install the app needed for each device or contact your local IT support for installation assistance.
  1. Continue with the installation of the MyE911 app. Learn more about MyE911 here.


Contact the Penn State IT Service Desk at 814 865-HELP (4357) or online at Get Support.