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Telephony - How to manage your Voicemail


3.0 - Updated on 03-17-2021 by Brent Korman (bak175)

2.0 - Updated on 12-09-2020 by Brent Korman (bak175)

1.0 - Authored on 04-26-2018 by Brent Korman (bak175)


Faculty and Staff


How to manage your voicemail box (for those with Cisco VoIP voicemail).


From the portal only:

  1. Log into the VPN.
  2. Go to "".  (You'll be prompted to login with your Penn State AccessID and Password.)
  3. Click on "Voice Mail".
  4. If using a headset tied to your computer or the mic on your computer, click on the play button  to listen to a voicemail message in your Inbox.
    1. If you would prefer to receive a system generated call, click on "Phone" and in the field "Phone Number" , enter the extension or external number (just as you would normally dial it from your phone, including the '8' in front of an external number) to which you want a call made so that you can listen to your voicemail and then click on the play button  to listen to a voicemail
  5. When you click on the voicemail, you can:
    1. Download the voicemail as a .wav file 
    2. Forward the voicemail (with or without an introduction) 
    3. Mark as Unread (new) 
    4. Delete the voicemail