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Starfish: Log in to Starfish


4.0 - Updated on 01-19-2022 by Emily Fogel Conway (eaf204)

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1.0 - Authored on 08-04-2017 by Janet Schulenberg (jks142)


Faculty and Staff users of Starfish


Users with a currently active Starfish role and with an active connection to at least one student can log into Starfish.


  1. Open a web browser and navigate to
  2. Click the "Log in to Starfish" button.
  3. Enter your Penn State User ID and Access Password.
  4. Enter your Two-Factor Authentication.

Faculty and Staff View of the Starfish Homepage

Upon log in, you will see your Starfish homepage. The Homepage shows your dashboard, which includes upcoming appointments, recent changes, and services to which you are connected. If you are in a role that connects to all students, you will see some information not relevant to you. You can close and rearrange tiles.

The triple bar or "hamburger" icon opens additional Starfish functions.